If one of our frequently asked questions below does not answer your query, please contact us at 01382 462058 or hello@mobilecrechedundee.org. You can also complete our simple contact form.

  • My child did not get enough sleep at night, would he/she be able to sleep in the crèche?

    Yes of course, but please bear in mind the crèche can get quite noisy so he/she may not get the same quality of sleep as at home.

  • What snacks will be served to my child?

    Our policy requires us to serve healthy snacks and we also check if your child has any dietary requirements prior to the event.

  • Do crèche staff change nappies?

    Yes absolutely, however we do have a policy that requires parents to ensure their children are fed and changed before dropping their child off. Parents are also expected to provide their own wipes, nappies and a change of clothes. We do have a supply for emergencies.

  • Are children allowed to bring their own toys to the crèche?

    We do not recommend that children bring their own toys as crèche staff cannot be held responsible for the breakage or loss of personal toys.

  • Can staff administrate medicine if a child gets sick in the crèche?

    If a child becomes unwell during his/her time in the crèche, the parent will be notified and asked to have the child seen by their G.P. An exclusion time period will be explained according to our health and safety policy. If a parent brings in medication, staff can only administrate prescribed medication by their G.P. Staff are expected to follow Rise & Shine Childcare’s medication administration policy.

  • Can parents come in to change their children?

    We do not recommend this as parents coming into the crèche can unsettle their children, however, there is no strict policy against this. Staff will discuss with the parent about what is best for the child.

  • What is Rise & Shine Childcare’s confidentiality policy regarding photographs?

    Unauthorised persons are not allowed to take pictures with their own cameras, mobile phones etc. Photographs can only be taken with the creche camera. Our policy requires parents’ permission to take their children’s photographs.

  • Am I allowed to stay with my child in the crèche if he/she is not settling?

    Yes, actually we have a settling in policy which allows parents to stay with their child if this helps the child settle, but as all children are different, a parent staying with their child could prolong the settling in. We recommend speaking to the crèche supervisor so parent and staff can make a decision together on what’s best for the child.

  • How will I be informed about my child’s routine in the créche?

    Staff record routines such as nappy change, snacks, toilet and sleep. Parents are informed at the end of the créche session.

  • What if my child is not fluent in English?

    Depending on the age of your child, we support and encourage children by doing activities which allow children to develop their English language. We have a team of bilingual staff who can help children communicate in their own language.

  • How do Rise & Shine Childcare staff deal with children’s negative behaviour?

    Staff follow Rise & Shine Childcare’s behaviour policy, which requires staff to promote positive behaviour through different methods such as The Traffic Light System and role play activities.

  • Is Rise & Shine Childcare registered with Ofsted?

    Rise & Shine Childcare is registered with the Care Inspectorate, and all staff are registered with SSSC

  • What times do the créche operate?

    Following the requirements of Care Inspectorate our mobile créche service operates from 9am to 9pm seven days per week. The use of créche shall be restricted to a maximum of 4 hours for individual children at any session.

  • What age group of children does the mobile créche cater for?

    The number of children we cater for depends on the size of the room. We provide créche service for children from the age of 0 to 16 yeard old.