Using the public library and reading with your children


This week study have shown that up here in Scotland people are more likely to use their public library than anywhere else in the United Kingdom. However this study showed that there has been an 11% percent drop in overall library use. (BBC News)

Like anything else, local libraries need the support of users to keep on going and provide the services they do to the community which other include IT training, free internet access and a community meeting place for all.

In the Easter holidays then, why not think taking the kids along to your local?

Reading is incredibly important for a child’s learning! Not only does the actually act of reading increase their skills in spelling and writing; books catered to children often have a moralistic intention which helps develop you child’s social skills and understanding of right and wrong, culture and the world around them.


-Allows your children to make choices about what they want to read. Having a small library of their own at home is great but sometimes money is a little too tight to splurge on books which often they might lose interest in quickly or not engage with. The freedom to pick, choose and sample for nothing in a library allows children to have a go and importantly, put the book back if they don’t like it as much as they thought.


It could be an opportunity to teach them some responsibility. A library card probably means little to us grownups with purses and wallets filled with plastic and receipts but giving your child their own library card to keep safe will be quite a big deal. You can also remind your children that they can only take so many books home- they will need to choose wisely and hopefully you can encourage them to remember when they are due back!


Libraries are great places for adults too. When you are there, you might take a look at the adult books yourself. Pick up a juicy paperback bestseller and get some me time whilst the kids are playing with their books.


It is completely free! Speaks for itself. Make sure to watch your books are returned as in most libraries- late returns incur a fee.


Dundee has a local library available in most communities

Ardler, Arthurstone, Blackness, Broughty Ferry, Charleston, Coldside, Douglas, Fintry, Kirkton, Lochee, Menzieshill and Whitfield. And a the Central Library in the Wellgate Centre- let the wee ones pick a bedtime story after a busy day of shopping.

You can find all the details and your closest library here: