I am looking forward to continuing to grow within DIWC and as part of the crèche. #womenofdundee


My name is Javeria and I am from Pakistan. I went to school in Pakistan and studied in college for two years. All the usual subjects Maths, English, P.E, Islamic Studies, Urdu. All my family still live in Pakistan- I have six brothers and sisters. My husband is from Uganda, but he lived in the UK, I met him when he was visiting Pakistan. We got married quite quickly and 10 days after my wedding, I came here to Dundee.

I was very shy when I first got here! I stayed in the house for the first year- I was not confident enough to learn English or go out by myself. The first time I ever tried to go in town by myself-I got lost in on the bus!

I got on at the wrong stop and it went the wrong way.

I was so upset I was crying on the bus.

I didn’t have a phone or anything- I was trying to get to town and I ended up at the back of Whitfield.

The bus driver saw my crying, and he helped me get back into town- but after that I was determined I was staying in for good.

So I came to DIWC about 15 years ago as a learner. I went to classes and I started a childcare course.  When the centre was looking for volunteers and staff last year I decided to volunteer myself and after two/three months I got a job.

I only visit Pakistan now every two to three years. I think if I had the choice to live in Dundee or Pakistan I would choose here

I miss Pakistan cause my family is over there but I have adjusted – my family is here. My kids are comfortable and confident here- they love our trips but only for a holiday.

I do wonder if coming to Dundee now would be scarier than it was when I came. I remember being scared that people would make fun of me then and no one did but now- I feel, sometimes, people are staring at me, like an outsider- I worry the culture is changing for the worse.

DIWC is completely different though. I always have and always will feel totally at home here- it has changed my life. My experiences here made me confident, to go out, speak make friends. When people ask how I learned to speak English so well- I tell them about the centre!

I am looking forward to continuing to grow within DIWC and as part of the crèche.