How to plan your wedding


The days that will change our lives need a lot of planning. We countdown towards them, tick off our checklist trying to ensure itself a day to remember. Looking forward to celebrating with friends and family, raising funds or awareness for the cause that means so much to us or hosting a training event which could change the life of your colleagues. But after he’s up off his knee but before the big cake there’s the 7 stages of planning your event.

Picking a Date

Your special 24 hours can be on any of the 52, 7 day weeks of the year. Of 365, you choose one which judging by the fresh diary between now and then seems unfathomably far away. But you have to pick the correct date which gives you enough time to plan but still within the time frame to achieve the goals of the event.

  • Wedding venues can be booked a long-time in advance so prepare for a long engagement.
  • Be prepared to choose a mid-week date as venues and conference centres may cut their rate.
Choosing a theme

Of course, a theme is not appropriate for every event, but when it is your guests may be extra-excited to channel their more eccentric side if they are required to wearing matching themed attire. Currently popular themes include:

  • Decades- focus on the historian in you! Decorate your tables and venues with fashions from a variety of past decades. And guests can come dressed as popular figures from the decade of their choice.
  • Charity Shop Chic- there is a growing trend for parties where all guests must find their outfit from one Charity Shop. Challenging your guests to come up with their crazy creations and supporting your local Charity Shop in the process.
  • Round the World- Your venue can be decorated to represent different countries and you can provide snacks which are traditional there. All the guests can incorporate part of their own traditional dress into their outfits!
Sending out invities

Make sure to send out you invitation well in advance to give people plenty notice. If your event is a while away simple save-the-date card will make sure guests are available even if you are unsure of the all the details. You can follow some simple invitation tips:

  • Save the environment and send e-vites
  • Use Facebook to create an event page which can be private or public. Also this can raise awareness of the event. Facebook also allows you to post in your events page; reminding your guests and keeping them updated.

If you are going to serve food, have a look around and get advice on the best caterers. Check your local community for up and coming performers who can entertain your guests. Book exciting speakers who can inspire if your training your colleagues .And perhaps arrange travel for guests if your venue if out of the way.

Book a mobile creche

Rise and Shine offers flexible childcare for your event. You can ensure your guests or attendees have a stress-free and enjoyable time by arranging childcare for them. On-site childcare will allow guests who otherwise would not make it to come along and enjoy or learn knowing their little ones are in the hands of trained child-practitioners. They cater for Weddings, Charity Events, and Training or Corporate days. They will come to risk assess your venue and provide the appropriate number of Childcare staff. They bring toys and books along with them and clear the whole thing away after. The crèche is available 7 days a week between 9 AM and 9 PM. You can even include special activities such as face or henna painting, puppet making or balloon modelling.




Now that you have some of the details in place it is time to enjoy your big day!