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Rise and Shine Childcare provides flexible childcare around the Dundee and Tayside area. We aim to make events, weddings celebrations and training events easier for you. Since 2008 Rise and Shine Childcare has been working with families, charities and other organisations.

Let’s take a look at others like us around Scotland:


Tinies – A Whole World of Childcare

Tinies is a long established childcare service- dating back to 1975. They offer a childcare company and nanny agency. The company is family owned and managed and can proved nannies, babysitters, mother’s helps and various other childcare provision roles.

Tinies is based in London but has branches in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeenshire.

Click here to see their website and find a branch near you:


Enterprise Childcare

Enterprise offer a mobile crèche over on the West Coast. They claim to offer a “one-stop shop”; fulfilling all your flexible childcare needs. Their crèche is adaptable and they provide all the necessary resources for short or long-term childcare. They believe their service is best suited to children 0-8 year but to cater for children up to 15.

Click here to see their website and have a look for yourself:


Around the World

Based in Edinburgh around the World offer an onsite crèche which can provide for 15 children aged 6 weeks to 8 years. They have a promotion running at the moment- book now for 10% off.

Their website can be found here:


One Parent Families Scotland

Offer a variety of flexible childcare options and are continuing to develop their mobile crèche option. They also are developing more and more specialised childcare groups for children with additional needs. Their mobile crèche is based in Aberdeenshire and Dundee and they offer community daycare also in Dundee and supported childcare session for children aged 2-3 in Falkirk.

And here is a link to them:


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Rise and Shine believes every parent and child deserves an opportunity to participate and learn. We are a social enterprise and achieve our aim by providing our flexible childcare. We work with public councils, charitable organisation, private companies and individuals. Rise and Shine  provide everything your little ones will need from toys to healthy snacks.

So you can enjoy your event here in Dundee and Tayside.