About Us

Lack of childcare facilities can make it hard for parents to attend events.

It can make it impossible for organisations to deliver training and support to those who really need it. We can help parents and organisations by providing a mobile childcare service.

Our Vision

Every parent and child deserves an opportunity to participate and lear

Our Mission

We’re a social enterprise delivering a child centred flexible crèche service to parents and organisations in and around Tayside.

How we help parents

Zainab’s Story

Zainab knows oppression. As a Syrian refugee Zainab and her family arrived in Dundee in the summer of 2015. Many families like Zainab’s were in danger of losing their lives during their escape from their war-torn homeland. And, in the process they lost everything except for the belongings they carried with them. Many, like Zainab travelled with their young children; their lives shattered, their futures bleak.

Read Zainab’s full story and find out how Rise & Shine helped her

How we help organisations

Public Councils

We support organisations such as training providers, colleges, community centres etc, to provide on-site childcare for parents attending courses or training. Our clients include Dundee City Council, Angus Council and many others.

Charitable organisations

We work with a number of charities. Some of our clients include NDCS, etc. We support other charities by providing a mobile creche for their events and training programs

Private companies

Many private companies organise training programs and events during the year. We provide childcare service for annual general meetings, board of directors events and many more. We work with hotels, event organisers and other private companies increase the number of delegates who attend an event by providing a creche.


We can make a great addition to your birthdays, wedding, fair, fun day or festival. We know how important it is for you to concentrate on creating a great day for all concerned. We look after the children giving the parents a stress-free time and the kids have fun too!

Read their story

Angus City Council

Many Syrian refugees who migrate to Dundee bring with them an array of skills and abilities that have the potential to enhance our community. To enable them to reach their full potential and integrate into the society, a good grasp of the English language is essential. Angus Council organises English as a Second or Other Language (ESOL) classes for these refugees. Angus Council invited Rise & shine mobile crèche to provide an on-site childcare service.

Read how Rise & Shine supported Angus Council

National Deaf Children's Society

National Deaf Children’s Society hold a variety of events in different locations, requiring childcare which is flexible, reliable, and above all, sensitive to the needs of deaf children.Rise and Shine have been supporting National Deaf Children’s Society since 2014. Rise and Shine provide childcare services, allowing parents to participate in activities and events whilst their children (deaf and hearing) are cared for. The aim is to allow parents to participate in activities or events while their children are taken care of.

Read how Rise & Shine supports NDCF.

How it all started

Formed in 2004 Rise & Shine is a social enterprise that provides support to Dundee International Women's Centre. Social enterprise are businesses that trade for social and environmental purposes. Social Enterprises exist to make a profit just like any private sector business. However instead of paying dividends to shareholders, any profits or surpluses they make are reinvested into social environmental purposes; for example with Rise & Shine, surpluses are directed towards helping women from the Black and Minority Ethnic communities combat social isolation and loneliness.

We offer 15+ women employment opportunities as a result of the mobile crèche services. These women have benefited greatly from increasing their social, educational and employment skills

The need for mobile creche facility

You love your children, and you want to know they are safe and having fun. You want them to enjoy their time while you are busy working or attending an event. Our mobile creche facility makes it easy for you.

Lack of childcare facilities can make it hard for parents to attend training,meetings or corporate events and we can help you increase attendance by providing a pop-up creche.


Meet the team

Like any organisation, we’re only as good as the team we work with. We have many years of experience and have a dedicated qualified team of childcare practitioners, development workers, and family support workers. All our staff are fully qualified, SSSC registered and PVG checked. Our staff team regularly attend appropriate training courses to enhance their skills and continuous professional development.